PHUCK OFF AND PROCREATE (karmakazie) wrote in werehalfbaked,

Down by the beach...booooyyyeeeee.

Does anybody have the half baked "fully baked edition". Its kind of a load of bullshit, they just added some random ass features. One is called "five minutes with the guy on the coach" where it is literally some guy on a coach laying there for five minutes. But im the dumbass for sitting there for five minutes waiting to see if anything happen..which it doesnt. Then they have this different type of potheads animation thing, eh that was pretty ok. I just think its kinda warped how they just added random stuff. But the cool stuff is of course deleted scenes and an alternative ending which is pretty funny. Okay that is enough of my rant,I figured i'd post something in here so imma go I need to talk to Samson.
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